Why we’re proud to stock Different Dog

After working in the dog food industry, getting to know manufacturers and factories learning about how dog food is made the company’s founders became concerned and knew there had to be a better way of feeding their four-legged friends. Here are just 5 reasons we’re proud stockists of Different Dog Food.


1) Fresh, home cooking – Different Dog is produced using home cooking principles and as such unlike many commercial pet foods the shelf life is not measured in years but in days. We all know the saying you are what you eat, and we honestly believe that dogs too can be happier and healthier with an improved diet.


2) Flexible Feeding – While Different Dog is a complete food made with at least 60% fresh chicken, lamb, beef or turkey plus additional seasonal fruit and vegetables, quality oils and a range of superfoods to make a balanced diet it can also be used as a topper to add tasty vitamins and minerals to your dog’s current diet.


3) Easy on the tummy and allergies – Different Dog recipes, particularly the lower fat options are highly bioavailable making it easy on your dog’s digestion. All recipes also use just a single protein and are grain free with no known allergens included! True hypoallergenic dog foods are often highly processed and chemically modified so unless your vet has spotted a severe allergy in your dog, we would always recommend a natural alternative in the first instance.


4) Freshness without the risk –Developed with the support of vets and nutritionists Different Dog food is first cooked with a gentle cooking process and then immediately frozen to lock in the taste and nutrients which can provide your dog with great benefits. Cooking the food before freezing also removes any microbiological risks that might be associated with pure raw food.


5) Easy to Feed – When switching to Different Dog do this gradually over the period of about a week! Starting with Different Dog making up around 10% of the initial feed, slowly building up to 100% of the meal. Once the switch has been made it couldn’t be easier! Once defrosted the food will last for around 5 days in the fridge just place the required amount from the defrosted tub in the fridge into your dog’s bowl (a similar human comparison would be home cooked Bolognese).


If you have any other questions about Different Dog Just Ask!