Key raw ingredients – What a difference!

Raw, frozen and BARF are becoming increasingly popular diets for all dogs of all breeds and ages. The world wide web is full of blog posts and forums discussing the pros and cons of feeding your dog raw but what are the ingredients that can make a key difference to your four-legged friends health and well-being?

1) Raw Muscle Meat – Packed full of essential amino acids, iron, zinc and potassium raw muscle meat can be good for the heart, is a great source of energy and can help maintain muscle mass without fat gain.

2) Raw Bone – Despite many scare stories when fed properly bone can be essential for your dog’s teeth and oral health by breaking down tartar and plaque. Bone can also be a great source of omega 3, protein and calcium which aids your dog’s own bones and joints.

3) Raw Offal – Many raw and frozen dog foods contain organs such as liver which is rich in amino acids, vitamins and iron to improve your dog’s digestion, nervous system and brain function as well as heart organs which can help your dog build muscle, store energy and increase stamina.

4) Flax Seed Oil – Rich in omega oils Flax Seed can promote a healthy coat and skin and also contains powerful anti-oxidants which helps improve mobility and joints.

5) Carrots – Just like with human health carrots can help maintain a healthy eyesight as they contain the richest source of pro-vitamin A.

6) Eggs / Dairy – While this may not be a suitable ingredient for some dogs with intolerances and there is an incredibly small risk of salmonella these ingredients add a variety of nutrients, protein and vitamins to a raw dog food diet which can improve muscle and hair growth, tissue repair and in relieving joint pain.

7) Herbs or Plants – What could be more natural? Many raw dog foods contain a range of herbs and plants which can provide a range of benefits from acting as an anti-inflammatory or anti-histamine to regulating the flow of urine and improving bowel function.