Raw Dog Food – The Top 5 Benefits

Raw dog food diets are undoubtedly natural with no mechanically added nasties like some cheaper commercial kibbles and they definitely reflect a dogs ancestral diet much more than a dry food but what are the other top benefits of feeding your dog raw?

1) Coat Condition – Up to 40% of the protein your dog eats goes into their skin and coat as such when a dog is fed a low meat, cereal based diet (some dry foods) they will not have enough protein spare for their skin and coat. A raw dog food however is high in fresh meat and fats which work together to improve the coat quality.

2) Easier on allergies – Did you know that the top food allergens for dogs are wheat and corn? A raw dog food cuts out these allergens giving the dog fresh, natural meat often mixed with some fruit and vegetables allowing you to cut out or easily identify any allergens.

3) Quality Stools – Because raw dog food contains fewer ingredients and no fillers it will pass through your dog’s digestive system much easier. A higher protein diet from the frozen meat will also help your dog to produce less waste and a firmer stool, firmer stools can help to drain the anal glands which can cut out additional vet visits.

4) Fresher Breath & Cleaner Teeth – Just like for human foods highly processed dog foods can contain starchy and sugary ingredients which create tartar and plaque build-up, in contrast raw food is 100% natural! Raw bones which are easily digested can also be great for gnawing and chewing using the dogs 3 sets of teeth as intended, breaking down plaque and improving overall oral hygiene.

5) Improved Nutrition – Synthetic vitamins, preservatives and mineral supplements are not  added to a raw food diet as the ingredients aren’t cooked and as such the integrity of the raw ingredients are preserved.