Raw Cat Food – The Top 5 Benefits

The choice when it comes to cat food is forever getting larger and larger and each option presents its own benefits and weaknesses for your cat’s unique lifestyle. Like dogs more and more cats are turning to a raw food diet and with so many potential benefits it’s not hard to see why!

Always consult with a vet, nutritionist or other expert if you’re concerned about your pet’s diet or have any questions. We recommend purchasing raw treats and food that is available in retail outlets having been tried, tested and nutritionally balanced though you can explore raw for yourself.

1) Easier Digestion – Raw meaty bones take much more chewing, and this activates your cat’s digestive tract much quicker making it easier to digest once eaten. Your cat will also be absorbing much more nutrients meaning bowel movements will be less frequent and less smelly due to the smaller amount of waste to get rid of.

2) Fresher Breath & Cleaner Teeth – The enzymes found in a raw diet help keep your cats oral health in great shape and the extra gnawing needed for meaty bones breaks down tartar and plaque build-up!

3) A Stronger Immune System – Natural fatty acids and nutrients can help strengthen the immune system and some say a raw food diet can help improve the health of sick cats such as easing infection and inflammation.

4) Coat Condition – The improvements to your cats’ skin and coat will be one of the first things you notice feeding a raw diet even cats with allergies can greatly benefit from this because a raw diet is packed full of natural nutrients and fatty acids with no added nasties.

5) Energy Levels – Raw provides a high protein and low-fat meal for your cat which means more nutrients can be absorbed in a single meal which leads to a long-lasting energy. Some cats also see an increase in activity because of the reduction in any inflammation and improved immune system.