Not so offal! Benefits for your dog

Thanks to a recent revolution in pet foods; raw, BARF and frozen dog food ingredients that long ago were considered a staple for humans and our four-legged friends alike are making a comeback, they really can be great for your dog’s health and well-being.

What exactly is offal?

The term offal generally refers to the internal organs of an animal to be used as food and while to some the subject is a taboo to others dogs eating offal as part of a raw diet puts meat that would otherwise go unused by the human food industry to good use thus reducing waste and emissions thus helping the environment.

Whatever your point of view on the subject, these foods can provide great benefits to your dog’s health:

Liver – Raw liver can help your dog to fight fatigue, improving their strength and endurance. Packed full of protein liver can be a great source of copper, folic acid and iron. The coenzyme Q10 in raw liver can also have a cardiovascular benefit.

Hearts- Raw hearts are usually fed in smaller portions and supplemented with liver. An excellent source of protein, B vitamins, iron and fatty acids which are great for the skin and coat and can even help to prevent disease.

Kidneys – Just like liver, raw kidneys are low in fat and high in protein as well as containing fat soluble vitamins, fatty acids and zinc. Like all offal when frozen vital nutrients are locked in giving the maximum health benefits to your dog.

Tripe- Tripe is often called “the finest of natural food” it contains a diverse range of living nutrients including omega 3, fatty acids, enzymes and probiotics making it a great addition to a range of raw dog foods. When fed as part of a balanced diet tripe can provide your dog with a large range of health benefits.