Natural dog treats

Doodle’s Deli…naturally!

We all love to treat and reward our four-legged friends, it’s only natural!
But we believe the treat should be natural too, and that’s why none of our
delicious and nutritious dog treats contain any added nasties. From training
treats to long-lasting chews, we put your dog’s health and wellbeing first.

Doodle’s Deli can be found exclusively at your local JFP store.

Our picks

Pig ears

Affordable chews with wide-ranging
benefits for oral and general health.

Rabbit ears

Great for all breeds and even suitable
for dogs with sensitive digestion.


Low in fat and packed with essential
proteins and fatty acids.

Chicken feet

Delicious, nutritious, and great for
your dog’s teeth and joints.

Lamb grills

Look and taste good, full of protein
and ideal for dogs with grain allergies.

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