Different Dog…? 5 reasons to attend

Just for Pets Coventry will be holding a very special event on May 4th 2019 which your four-legged friend will love! The event which celebrates a new and exciting dog food will include live cooking demonstrations from Different Dog and more.

Here are some of the top reasons you should join us! Let us know if you’re coming on Facebook?

1) Live Cooking! Forget watching your favourite TV chef you can always catch them on Sunday. Take the dog out for some fresh air, socialisation and live cooking at the Arena Shopping Park by the Ricoh Arena. You’ll get the chance to see the exact cooking process and ingredients included in Different Dog’s food before deciding if fresh is best!

2) Time for a rethink? Every dog is different and whether you decide to stick to your current dog food or change to freshly cooked food (never seen in the UK) the event is sure to be thought provoking.

Different Dog’s founder worked in the dog food industry but after seeing that the shelf life on conventional dog food was measured in years and remembering the adage “you are what you eat” he decided to find a different way to feed your four-legged friend.

3) A great way to improve your dog’s health It’s a well known fact that a dog’s diet can dramatically impact their health and well-being from improving the quality of their skin and coat to reducing flatulence and giving your dog more bounce, you’re sure to find real benefits to your dog in this food.

4) Support British Farmers If you’ve been looking for a more sustainable and socially responsible dog food this could be it! Different Dog uses the freshest seasonal ingredients that have sometimes been rejected by the big supermarkets due to their shape and size. The best part is that ingredients are locally sourced from British farmers and butchers.

5) FREEBIES The Just for Pets store team will be on hand with some naturally nutritious and delicious treats for all four-legged visitors supplied by Doodle’s Deli, don’t let them miss out!

Please join us to learn more about this exciting new dog food at our event on May 4th