Beds That Benefit Your Best Friend

As pet parents we place a huge amount of importance on keeping our dogs active both physically and mentally, we love to see them sniff, play and explore.

But do we always put the same thought into their down time?

Just for Pets Kidderminster have recently extended their dog bed range to include brands such as Scruffs, George Barclay and Earthbound . They also hope to offer pet owners advice on choosing the right bed for their loved ones.

Here’s just a few things to think about when choosing their next bed:

1)      Size Matters – If you watch your dog sleep you’ll see that like us they sleep In different positions whether it’s stretched out, curled up, on their back or like superman! It’s important that your choice of bed allows your dog to sleep comfortably in all these positions.

2)      Season – Traditionally beds have been used to keep dogs off the cold ground, generally the more padding in a bed the warmer your dog will be. Box Beds and added blankets may make it easier for your dog to cosy down in the winter while a flat bed may help them stay cooler in the summer months.

3)      Lifestyle – It may be a large sturdy bed is best for the home however if you’re going camping a lighter-weight, waterproof and easily washable bed would help both you and your pet.

4)      Dogs Age – Older Dogs may require a bed that’s easily accessible, they may also benefit from an orthopaedic or memory foam bed to help with any aches and pains in their joints.

5)      Dogs Behaviour – Shy or nervous dogs may benefit from an “igloo” style bed that allows them to snuggle down and hide away whenever things get too much for them.

6)      Multiple Dog’s in the House? Your pets may be happy to cosy-up together, this situation will need a larger bed to give maximum comfort. It may be wise however to avoid any competition between the dogs and have one bed per dog in the family.

7)      Where To Place The Bed – It’s important the bed can fit in a space that’s warm and draft-free, it might also be good for your dog to have multiple options for example one bed that’s out the way as a safe space and the other in a family room allowing them to be in your company while snoozing.

8)      Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – Allow your dog’s bed to be a safe space, nobody likes to be disturbed when we’re catching forty winks and your dog is no different! Make sure everyone in the family especially children know to leave your dog in peace when on their bed for everyone’s safety and happiness.

Need further advice? The team at Just for Pets Kidderminster would be more than happy to help! We can offer a bed testing service in store and also have access to hundreds of dog beds, allowing you to make the right choice for your four-legged friend.